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Celebrate your special day with us…

~Nestled between modern romance and nostalgic charm, the Sheridan Inn is the place to ignite your Old West passion.

Weddings at Historic Sheridan Inn

French doors open onto the Inn’s majestic front porch where guests can stroll amid breath-taking views of the Big Horn Mountains. A soft mountain breeze ruffles the lace curtains in the Ballroom on cool summer evenings, while a crackling wood fire in the river rock fireplace warms the winter nights. Beneath the Inn’s glowing lights and exposed wooden beams, the dance floor sparkles with the historic elegance of the Old West. Over 100 years of romance still waltz through the Inn, offering you the intimate embrace of a bygone era

About our Staff

Our bridal staff specialize in creating weddings beyond your imagination. From elegant all-day events of Victorian glamour to toe-tapping evenings of spur-rattling Old West fun, our team of experienced professionals will design a special day that fans the flames of your unique romance. Our staff will help you arranging everything from flowers to spurs, customizing a wedding event for the annals of time.

The Menu

A variety of menu options are available to cater to your tastes and budget. Whether you want an intimate meal in the Parlor, an extravagant five-course dinner in the Ballroom or a festive chuck-wagon style barbecue off the front porch, we will work with you, designing the perfect menu to satisfy both your Great-Grandma Betsy and 3-year old niece Sally.

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