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Grand Duke Alexis
Room 305

During the winter of 1871-72, the Grand Duke Alexis Alexandrovitch Romanov of the Royal Romanov Family of the Great Empire of Russia (1850-1908), paid a goodwill visit to the United States visiting 34 major American cities. On his 22nd birthday, 14 January 1872, he was hunting buffalo on the plains of southwest Nebraska with American celebrities of the day. General Phil Sheridan arranged for a buffalo hunt to be held in his honor, later called the most famous western buffalo hunt of all time.

Alexis was accompanied by Russian officials and servants. General Sheridan’s party included Generals George Custer and George Forsyth. Buffalo Bill Cody was the guide and chief hunter. The size of the total hunting party was more than 500. Buffalo Bill loaned His Royal Highness his horse and his rifle and assisted him in bringing down a big buffalo bull. The Grand Duke rode Buffalo Bill’s celebrated buffalo horse “Buckskin Joe,” which had been trained to ride at full gallop with a target so that the best shot could be made. The Duke killed a buffalo at a distance of 100 yards with a heavy navy revolver. Buffalo Bill ranked this shot as a “marvelous scratch.” Spotted Tail of the Brulé, with some of his braves, showed the Grand Duke how the Indians killed buffalo without using guns. Chief Spotted Tail and an encampment of Brulé Sioux entertained with dances and shooting exhibitions. Nightly celebrations were held. Alexis spoke of the hunt many times during the remainder of his life. Cody reports that “the royal traveler in his journeys over the world has not to doubt often rested himself on his trophy from the plains of America….”

 (The Grand Duke Alexis room features 1 King size bed, a single lavatory, & tub with a hand shower.  All rooms have wired and wireless internet & individual heat/ac.-Facing East towards Broadway and the Railroad Tracks)

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