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Miss Kate Arnold
Room 306

In 1901, at the age of 22, Miss Kate Arnold, daughter of Thomas T. and Minnie B. Arnold, came to Sheridan from Rappahannock, King George County, Virginia. She began working at the Sheridan Inn that same year as a seamstress for the Inn. During the following 64 years, she also worked as a desk clerk, housekeeper, hostess, and sitter for the many children who stayed at the Inn with their families. By 1909, she had moved into the Inn, where she remained for nearly six decades.

She became a symbol of love and caring for not only the Inn but for the many families and children that stayed there. Miss Kate, as everyone knew her, had a garden in the back of the Inn and raised flowers, providing fresh flowers on the dining room tables every day. Many residents of Sheridan today remember taking Miss Kate for a ride in the country in her later years to gather flowers for the tables.

Miss Kate will long be remembered as one of the Inn’s most devoted residents. She was the self-appointed night watchman of the Inn, taking it upon herself to be sure that all candles had been extinguished and everyone was safe in their rooms before she went to bed each night. She saw many changes to the Inn and worked for several different owners. Despite changes in management and tough times for the Inn, she always had a job at the Inn. She left the Inn in 1965 because it was to be torn down.

Before she passed away in 1968, Miss Kate had made it known that she wanted her ashes returned to the Inn. Following a private service in Miss Kate’s room on the third floor, her ashes were placed on a wall by a long-time friend. The exact location remains unknown today. It is said that Miss Kate is the guardian of the Inn. Her watchful presence is felt on a daily basis. Those who have spent many hours at the Inn have grown to love Miss Kate today as everyone those many years ago.

 (The Miss Kate Arnold room features 2 Queen Size beds, a single lavatory, & tub with a hand shower.  All rooms have wired and wireless internet & individual heat/ac.  Corner Room facing north and East towards 5th Street, Broadway, and the Railroad Tracks)

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