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Legends of the Inn

Miss Kate

Miss Kate

One of the most iconic pieces of the Inns history is the story of Catherine B. Arnold, Known around the Inn as "Miss Kate"In 1901, after moving to Sheridan with her parents all the way from Virginia, Miss Kate began working and living in the Sheridan Inn at the age of 22. Over the next 64 years she would have a variety of jobs around the hotel, which included being a desk clerk, housekeeper, seamstress, hostess and even a babysitter.

Miss Kate was beloved by both staff and guests alike, and when she passed away in 1968, her last request was to be returned to the Sheridan Inn and be buried in the walls of her old room on the third floor, where her ashes remain to this day. Many guests and employees of the Inn say that Miss Kate's presence can still be felt throughout the hotel.

Buffalo Bill

One of the most well-known residents of the Inn was William F. Cody, more commonly known as "Buffalo Bill". During his 8 year stay, Bill would use the Inn's front lawn to hold auditions for his famous 'Wild West' show, which depicted life in the old west and Native American culture. This show would also feature reenactments of famous frontier events such as a Pony Express Relay Race and most notably, the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Many well-known faces would appear in these plays, such as Annie Oakley and Sitting Bull.

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